Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stuck in the house

I haven't left the house since Tuesday. Jack's preschool was canceled today, as were my planetarium shows and Astronomy class. And it's just soooo cold outside, the thought of bundling up the kids and taking them in and out of anywhere is really unappealing. So, being stuck in the house has forced me to do a few productive things: laundry, bathroom cleaning, and lots of cooking. So far this week, I've made chicken tortilla soup (yumyumyummy), bread, homemade strawberry jam, yogurt, cocoa nibbles, and play dough. The kids are getting a little stir crazy, too. Jack really needs some time to run around and get all the "crazies" out. There have been way to many cartoons watched in the past 48 hours!

Ruby has been playing a lot with this pink, antique doll highchair. She has one special baby that she carries around a lot, and loves to put it in the chair. Of course, she'll put pretty much anything in it, including bananas.

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