Monday, September 01, 2008


I wish you could see how incredibly slow that bowling ball is traveling--you would be amazed that it could knock down any pins. But let me assure you that it did, followed by a lot of cheering and fist-pumping. You wouldn't believe how much enthusiasm Jack had each time pins fell, whether one or all ten. Well, I guess to know Jack is to know the meaning of enthusiasm. He also insisted on chanting "Go, mom/dad, go! Go, mom/dad, go!" before each turn. He also reminded us, "Okay, cheer for me", before he would take his turn. I can't believe he'll be starting preschool next week! Two and a half hours a day twice a week at the YMCA. He's going to have a blast! (Don't worry, I'll have lots of "first day of school pictures" to show!)

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