Monday, September 01, 2008

The Doobers

It's about time for a Ruby update.  She's 9 months and 2 weeks old.  I'm not sure why we call her "Doobers" or "Dooby", because it's not any shorter than "Ruby".  I guess it's just cute.  She's proving herself to be very silly-- she'll repeat things over and over again if they make somebody laugh.  
She's eating a lot of solids-- bananas, canned peaches & pears, cheerios, yogurt, ice cream.  Her first teeth finally broke through- the two bottom ones.  She's also started drinking through a straw and using a sippy cup.  Just water, though. 
She's been pointing a lot lately.  In the picture above, I asked her where the doggie was and she's pointing to him.  She totally loves dogs, and gets very excited anytime she sees one.  

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