Wednesday, June 11, 2008


so, we're back from vacation.  i'm not sure that it was much of a vacation for me.  it was definitely fun for the kids, but lots of work for us adults.  we had great weather, it rained one night and then poured on the day that we left.  other than that, it was a beautiful 65 degrees the whole time.  not warm enough to swim in the lake, which was probably a blessing.  

we rented a cabin in onekama, which is about 3 hours north of st. joseph.  the cabin was just across a dirt road from lake michigan.  it was a very short walk to the beach, where we did a lot of sand castle building.  we were surrounded by woods, which was great for deer spotting.  jack had a lot of fun searching for deer tracks in the sand.
we're actually leaving tomorrow to go up north again, this time with 3 friends and their 3 little ones.  i'll post more pictures of our onekama vacation over the next few days.

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