Friday, May 30, 2008


Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted. I apologize to my huge viewing audience-- all 5 members of my family who read this :) May has been a busy month for us. That, and the fact that the cord that hooks my camera to my laptop is with John in Wichita, has led to my lack of posting.
I'm a little disappointed in myself that I let Ruby's 1/2 year birthday (May 19th) come and go without a sappy post about it. Here's a quick version:

Ruby's likes: watching Jack play, taking 20 minute naps, waking up in the morning looking cute, sitting next to dad on the couch, making a huge mess with baby food, grabbing Emma's hair

Ruby's dislikes: taking naps lasting longer than 20 minutes, letting mom get anything accomplished, when she realizes that nobody's paying attention to her

I have been able to produce a few crafty things lately. I made this fairy princess for a 4 year-old's birthday. And the terrariums below were made by Jack and I as mother's day presents.
I'll try to post more frequently, we are heading up north to stay in a cabin with my parents (with Sarah and the kids to join us next week). I promise to take lots of pictures and post next weekend.

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