Saturday, September 19, 2009

the fountain

We had our first visit to the Whirlpool Compass Fountain down by Silver Beach. The fountain runs 12-2pm and 5-10pm everyday. We headed down around 8pm, so it was a little chilly...

... but tons of fun nonetheless. And of course the sunset made it pretty magical. Jack ran around with a huge smile on his face the whole time, with fists pumping.

There are water cannons that shoot off every 15 minutes. We expected Jack not to like the cannons, but he loved it. We left just before the lights came on, due to a temper tantrum, so we'll have to return after 8:30pm to check out with the light shows.

It will only run through mid-October, so we're hoping for some warm weekends before then. I can't wait for next summer, I'm sure we'll be down there a lot!

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