Saturday, April 04, 2009

our home

Since most people who visit this blog are friends and family, most of whom haven't been to our house ever/in-a-while, I thought that I'd share a few glimpses of our home. I didn't clean before I took them, but then again this is how it looks most of the time anyway!
::We just got this great old couch from a resale store for $15!! It shows what a great husband (and brother-in-law!) I have that he spent hours moving the old couch to storage, bringing the new one in, and switching armchairs between upstairs and downstairs. And I don't think he even likes the new couch much! But it takes up a little less space than the old one, and I'm totally in love with it.

::Here is the spot in Jack's room right next to his bed where he keeps his lizard, "Spongebob". Up in the corner you can see a cute little birdie decal (from an etsy store), which is one of three in his room.
::I struggled to find a place to take a picture of the kitchen. It's always messy and extremely cluttered, due to the fact that it is really small and I have a lot of kitchen stuff! This shelf is up high, so it never gets too cluttered! I have some aprons hanging from it, one of them on the right is the first thing that I ever sewed in Mrs. Warmbein's seventh grade home-ec class.
::This last picture is of the ledge between the kitchen and the living/dining room. There is always a variety of things on this ledge. Right now I'm forcing some magnolia branches into bloom since the flowers only stay on the actual trees outside of our house for a day or two. The Easter eggs were dyed a few days ago at Meagan's house, and the basket is from a resale store, filled with bibs and cloth napkins that we use everyday.

Well, I hope everyone got a little glimpse into our home. We're definitely not gracing the pages of any magazines soon, but it's ours and we like it!

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Anonymous said...

Your house looks so cozy and lovely to me. Plus it's clean! That doesn't count as messy in any way :D