Saturday, January 03, 2009

handmade in 2008

It's great to finally have pictures of the things I've made to look back on. I worked hard this year to make as many gifts for Easter, birthdays, and Christmas as possible. It's nice to think that these 16 pictures are only about half of what I've made this year. Missing are: embroidered hats for the kids, my dad's knit birthday scarf, baby dolls for Livi and Alex, Ruby's smocket, John's pillowcase, Sarah's embroidery, my mom's fabric napkins, Sarah's birthday purse, knit cowl for myself, Ruby's knit sweater, Livi's birthday apron, Spaceboy and Robot dolls, and probably a few other things I'm missing.

Let's hope 2009 brings lots of time for working on all things handmade!

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