Saturday, December 20, 2008

Preschool Christmas Party

Jack had his Christmas party at school this week. I had a planetarium show to do that morning, so I missed most of it, including his visit on Santa's lap. I guess he was the first one up on Santa's lap, and would've love hanging out there all day. It's the third time that he's visited Santa already this year-- he sure loves Santa! The kids made cute reindeer hats and nice ornaments.Then parents got to watch the kids swim. Jack has really developed into a great little swimmer. He still isn't crazy about getting his fact wet, though. He's in the half of his class that swims down to the deep end, and then jumps into the water. You should see him try and jump in without getting his face wet, it's pretty funny. Then the kids got to jump in off the diving board, which Jack decided not to do. I think he realized that there was no way he could do that without getting his face wet.

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