Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ruby's Birthday!

We celebrated Ruby's first birthday last Wednesday. She had a great time, and luckily was in between ear infections, so she was in a good mood. She didn't nap very much, so I was crossing my fingers that she would make it through the party.
We've decided to start downsizing birthday parties, so we only had close family there. That included 9 adults and 8 kids, which is full capacity at our house. Ruby got just a few gifts, which were very special and have been played with often since last week. For Jack's first birthday, we invited so many people that we had to hold it in the church basement. He got so many toys that our house was instantly full of toys. It's definitely a blessing that we have that many people in our lives that love our kids, but we've decided to make birthdays a smaller gathering.
I made Ruby a log-cabin style pillow, and Jack gave her a stuffed horse. I also made her a birthday crown that we can use every year, and a birthday banner to re-use each year as well. I went with fall colors for both, and they turned out great! Her god-mother bought her a cute (and delicious) birthday cake with animals on it, and my mom ordered pizzas for everyone. I didn't have to cook anything!-- I just had to make sure the house was ready for guests.
My mom was a huge help (thank you mom!) with everything, especially with running up and down the stairs checking on all the kids playing. And, as you can see, Ruby had a lot of fun with her birthday cake.Thank you so much to everyone who helped prepare for and celebrate Ruby's first birthday!

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