Monday, October 13, 2008

Trip to Mackinac Island

We had a great trip to Mackinac Island at the beginning of the month. It was very beautiful and very cold! It was a little colder than it has been during our trips in past years, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless. We didn't "do" a whole lot, mostly just a lot of relaxing and enjoying our surroundings.
We went on one nice long walk up through the island. The leaves are beautiful this time of year. I was hoping they would be at their peak, but they weren't quite there yet. More green than reds/yellows/oranges. We brought the backpack to carry Ruby, but Jack got to enjoy it a little more than she did. I ended up carrying her around in the sling for most of the time.
We stayed in a great inn, the Windermere Hotel, right at the end of Main Street. It's definitely the best location that we've stayed at so far. We had a nice big room just for our family (two queens and a twin) for a great price. The Thomas family went with us, and Jack and Ruby had a lot of fun with their kids.
We had hoped to walk around the Grand Hotel, but you have to pay just to walk in front of it, so we passed on that. Maybe one day we'll splurge and stay their for our fall get-a-way!

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