Saturday, August 30, 2008

beautiful evening

Tonight we had a little picnic on the beach. The kids played and I got some knitting done. Ruby is very content to sit (or lay) and play in the sand.  She's even learned not to put it in her mouth!  The lake was very calm and warm, I wished that I had brought everyone's swimsuits. Jack so needs his little sister to be big enough to play with him.  He tried coaxing me into a game of "wild animals", but I told him I'd rather watch him be the ferocious lion.  

It was again another moment when I had to give thanks for living in this cute little town on Lake Michigan.  I should never feel bored with nothing fun to do-- there's always the lake or a forest or a playground that needs exploring.  I definitely need to start taking advantage of these things when the weather isn't perfect like it was today.  More pictures tomorrow!

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