Friday, August 29, 2008

at the lake

Another trip to the lake, this time a small lake in Buchanan that we used to visit as kids.  It is a lot easier for the kids to swim in than Lake Michigan-- no waves, pretty shallow, and much warmer!  Jack and Olivia amazed us with their swimming skills.  Livi insisted that I shoo away the fish to make a path for her.  The babies had a lot of fun as well-- it's funny how fearless they are in the water, I guess they haven't learned anything to be afraid of yet.
Ruby took a short little nap (under the umbrella, towel, and sunhat, of course) while the kids splashed around.  I still can't believe that Jack can swim by himself with floaties.  He'll be taking swim lessons during preschool this year at the Y.  Did I say "preschool"???  Yep, that's a whole other post entirely.

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