Monday, July 28, 2008

i know, it's been awhile

so, i haven't updated in awhile. i forgot (again) the cord to hook my camera to my laptop, so uploading pictures requires me to use the computer downstairs, which isn't very kid friendly right now. i just uploaded over 150 pictures, so i have a lot to share over the next few days. the kids have really been enjoying the summer. ruby is eating a lot of different foods, and she is very active. not crawling yet, and working on some teeth, i think. jack is still mr. imagination, and looking forward to starting preschool two half-days a week in the fall at the local ymca.
i've been making a lot of stuff when i can find the time, but of course i've been forgetting to take pictures of most of it. a quick list: curtains for the rv, curtains for our kitchen, baby gifts for two friends, a quick bag (i'll show pics soon), and some housewarming/wedding gifts for my cousin which involved some sewing and some fun embroidery. i've also been working on some knitting projects: a sweater for ruby and a fun market bag for me. i'll try to be better about posting pics of the things i make. mostly just for me, i like seeing pictures of the things i've made in their completed state.

so, look for posts in the next few days of pictures from the last month!

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Meagan Francis said...

I'm dying from the cuteness! Does her hair really look that red?