Sunday, June 29, 2008

five year anniversary

today was our five year anniversary. i wish that i could show you a wedding picture along with today's picture, but they're all at home. since we're out of town, we weren't able to go anywhere without the kids, so we all went down to the omaha summer arts festival. it was nice, but we both think that st. joe's art festival is bigger.
the kids enjoyed their new "ride", the combi twin sport double stroller. this was the first time we've used it, and it worked great!
the city of porttsmouth, which is were we're staying, was nice enough to supply us with fireworks for our anniversary. the picture above is us huddling in the car waiting for the rain to stop and the fireworks to start.
it was a great show, and i got some great pictures-- i discovered a special "fireworks" setting on my camera. i think it has a special setting for everything! ruby was not a fan of the fireworks. it wasn't the noise that scared her as much as the brightness of them. we were only about a half a mile away from where they were set off, so they were pretty bright. it was a pretty laid back day, and we hope to have more of the same tomorrow. omaha had some pretty bad storms pass through yesterday, so john isn't able to work this weekend. that means lots of fun family time. tomorrow we are headed to the zoo.

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Meagan Francis said...

five years already!?! Congrats!