Friday, April 04, 2008

4 more hours at the zoo!

Today we went back to the zoo, and I think that we managed to see everything.  I have to say that this is the best zoo that I've ever been to.  Now, that's partially because there weren't many people there, so the animals (today the chimp) were really friendly and interested in us.  It has pretty much any animal that we'd want to see, and everything is laid out really well.  Today we went into the "rainforest" area, which we were able to walk through.  There were bats above us (eek!) and parrots all around us.  During the rainforest walk, Jack decided that he was Diego and I was cousin Alecia, and imaginary Baby Jaguar accompanied us for the rest of the trip.  We also got to see a baby calf that was just born this morning.  If you look closely in the picture, you can see his umbilical cord hanging down.  (John thinks that's too much information, I think it's cool.)

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